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FAQ: Where can I find a precedent for a cohabitation contract/agreement?

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The Law Society’s Library helps answer a query about cohabitation contracts.

The Law Society Library maintains a database of enquiries called Common Queries. These include results from research to find forms, precedents, rules, regulations and guidance. These records can be freely accessed via the library catalogue Library Search

Cohabitation contracts / agreements are entered into by parties seeking to regulate the terms of their cohabitation. The agreement may deal not only with their finances at the current date, but also formalise what will occur in the event of the relationship breaking down. For discussion as to the validity and enforceability of cohabitation agreements, see Cohabitation: Law and Precedents, (looseleaf), pararaph 2-003 and Wood, Cohabitation: Law, Practice and Precedents, 7th ed. (2017), paragraph 2.3-2.9. 


1. Wood, Cohabitation: Law, Practice and Precedents, 7th ed. (2017) p.190-235 contains checklists, precedent clauses a short form and a long form agreement. 

2. Cohabitation: Law and Precedents, (looseleaf) contains client information sheets, as well as a client questionnaire to assist the practitioner in taking instructions. It also includes a cohabitation deed precedent at paragraph 2-015 and a living together agreement at paragraph 2-017. 

 3. Practical Matrimonial Precedents, (looseleaf), section H2 contains a precedent cohabitation agreement and specimen clauses for cohabitation agreements. 

4. Todd, Todd’s Relationship Agreements (2014), contains two precedents; cohabitation deed A at p.390-397, and cohabitation deed B (cohabitation and property) at p.398-417. 

5. Resolution, Precedents for Cohabitation Agreements (2011). Contains checklists and individual clauses covering a wide variety of circumstances to select as required. 

Copies of all documents listed here can be supplied by e-mail via Lawdocs, our document supply service. Click here for more details. 

For further help and enquiries please contact the Law Society Library on 020 7320 5946 or e-mail us at



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