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Implications of Brexit on family law

23 January 2017By

While Theresa May was very clear, on 17 January, in her speech on Brexit that we would be leaving the single market, she failed to properly address the legal implications of leaving the EU. These are myriad and unlike in employment law, simply incorporating existing EU law into domestic law (as previously proposed by Theresa May in her mooted Great Repeal Bill and confirmed again during this speech) is not going to work in many areas, and especially not for family law.  International ...


A family affair

19 January 2017By

With 42 per cent of marriages ending in divorce, it’s important when advising wealthy clients to put mechanisms in place to protect family assets. Jenny Cutts provides a guide on relevant private client law for the family lawyer.

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The impact of the EU referendum on family law

18 January 2017By

On Thursday 23 June 2016 the UK voted in a referendum by a fairly narrow majority to leave the EU. Family law has been part of Europe since, at least, March 2001 with the introduction of Brussels II.  What will be the impact of Brexit on family law practitioners?

social or not

To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question

17 January 2017By

Sally Pike, partner at Coffin Mew Solicitors, looks at the impact use of social media has on family law practitioners and their cases. 


Vulnerable witnesses in family law cases and the application of PD12J

17 January 2017By

Heather Popley, barrister at No5 Chambers, discusses the recent statement, issued by Sir James Munby, regarding the cross-examination of vulnerable people.


Win Win – the advantages of mediation

17 January 2017By

Tracey O’Dwyer, solicitor and mediator at Tony Roe Solicitors, discusses the advantages of mediation. 

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Build an online reputation as a great family lawyer in 7 steps

17 January 2017By

Gavin Ward discusses how, as a family lawyer, you can grow your online reputation, sell yourself, acquire new clients from the internet and ultimately succeed online.

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