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Legal aid update 2017 (17 October 2017) OnDemand

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A comprehensive guide to obtaining legal aid in public law cases with an emphasis on high value cases. 

This webinar, presented by Jerry Bull, director of Atkins Hope, Children Panel member since 1988, and chair of the Children Law sub Committee of the Law Society, will show you how to obtain legal aid using the CCMS system and recover costs in a speedy and timely fashion.

The session will cover:

• Update on all aspects of legal aid in public law children cases

• When to consider registering a High Cost case and how to run and bill one

• Experts and how to avoid problems arising

• When to use the FAS scheme and how to make the best use of it.

• How to ensure smooth billing of your cases

Participants will benefit from:

• Maximising how much you can legitimately claim out of the legal aid scheme.

• Learning how to use High Costs cases to your best advantage

• Being aware of pitfalls so as to avoid nasty surprises at the billing stage of the case.

Who should participate:

• All lawyers or paralegals involved in running or billing legally aided public law children cases

This webinar is inclusive to your membership. 


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