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Civil Litigation Section

Personal Injury

Holiday sickness claims

Queasy money? Curing travel sickness claimsSubscription

25 September 2018By

An epidemic of holiday sickness claims has plagued the travel industry over the past couple of years. Stephen Mason examines the impact of new regulations.

hospital corridor

Law Society blog: Law firm marketing ban in hospitals won’t cure NHS ills

3 May 2017

Read our blog post by Richard Miller, head of Justice at the Law Society, in which he argues that plans to ban personal injury firms advertising in hospitals in England are short-sighted and counter-productive.

Car crash

Winner takes all: How far should the personal injury reforms go?Subscription

20 March 2017

Following the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) consultation “Reforming the Soft Tissue Injury (Whiplash) Claims Process” earlier this year, the personal injury (PI) sector is about to face a radical change. Matthew Cotton, vice-chair of the Civil Litigation Section examines the opposing views and comments on the likely effects of the controversial reforms.

Jackson LJ

Extending fixed recoverable costs: change is coming for litigatorsSubscription

9 December 2016By

The government is consulting until 17 January on extending fixed recoverable costs across civil litigation. If implemented, they will represent some of the greatest changes for civil litigators since the 19th century, says Kerry Underwood.

Lady justice statue

A2J: The case against the government’s whiplash reform proposalsSubscription

19 July 2016

Access to Justice (A2J) is leading the charge against the government’s plans to raise the small claims limit for PI claims. Here, A2J chair Martin Coyne explains why the evidence justifying the reforms is flawed - and how solicitors can get involved in their campaign.

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medical records

What’s changing in clinical negligence litigation?

27 March 2019By

James Bell provides an update on developments in medical negligence, including significant recent cases, and proposed changes to fixed fees and the discount rate

open book pages

Book review: Kerry Underwood on Personal Injury Small Claims Portals Subscription

7 June 2017

Stephen Hines reviews Kerry Underwood’s three-volume guide on all aspects of funding, small claims, the portals and fixed costs.

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Changes to the whiplash claims process

6 June 2019

As part of its whiplash reform programme, the government is increasing the small claims limit for road traffic accident related personal injury claims to £5,000.

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