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Civil Litigation Section

Webinar: Costs budgeting 2015 (8 October 2015)

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  • Andy Ellis

In one of the four inclusive webinars as part of Civil Litigation Section membership, Andy Ellis will provide practical insight for practitioners on how to compile and adhere to costs budgets.

Costs budgeting has been with us since 2013, but, two years in, nobody would suggest that all is well with the regime. Practitioners are facing a variety of problems – a lack of uniformity of approach by the courts, confusion as to what can be claimed, and difficulties with form H and the notes for guidance.

With so much uncertainty, it is difficult for practitioners to adhere to costs budgets. This webinar will provide practical insight for practitioners on how to compile and adhere to budgets. Coverage will be given to:

• Defining assumptions
• Reviewing incurred costs 
• Forecasting future costs
• Contingencies and defined scope
• Consulting with all interested parties
• Form H and the new guidance
• Monitoring budgets
• Variations
• The effect of agreed and approved budgets on the detailed assessment of costs and the format of bills
• Important costs decisions.

Speaker: Andy Ellis, managing director, Practico Ltd 

This webinar took place on 8 October 2015, but you can listen to a recording to the webinar via the link below.

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