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Advocacy Section

Joy Merriam

Excellence Awards: nominee Joy Merriam on the challenges facing solicitor advocates.

9 October 2017By

Joy Merriam shares her views on the challenges facing solicitor advocates in crime and child care.

raj chada

Excellence Awards: Q&A with nominee Raj Chada

6 October 2017By

Raj Chada talks about the challenges faced by solicitor advocates, his professional highlights of the year so far, and what he’ll be working on in the months ahead.

vicky preece

Excellence Awards: nominee Vicky Preece discusses the collaborative approach

6 October 2017By

Vicky Preece discusses the collaborative approach and provides some insight into working with child clients and being instructed by them. 

adam tear2

Excellence Awards: Q&A with nominee Adam Tear

6 October 2017By

Adam Tear, Howe+Co, discusses his personal highlights of the year, the challenges facing solicitor advocates, his advice for solicitor advocates, and more.


Beyond the headlines: Marine A conviction overturned

27 April 2017By

Andrew Morris, Higher Courts Advocate, Irvine Thanvi Natas Solicitors, analyses the case of R v Blackman [Marine A] [2017] EWCA Crim 190. 

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