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Advocacy before a court martial: A practical guide (18 March 2016)

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This webinar is ideal for those advocates undertaking court martial work for the first time. It is the first webinar of 2016 to be announced as part of the Advocacy Section’s inclusive webinars offering.

This one-hour webinar will deliver practical guidance on rank structures and conventions, how to prepare for the hearing, what to the expect of the SPA (Service Prosecuting Authority), AFCLAA (Armed Forces Legal Aid Authority) and DAO (Defendant’s Assisting Officer), and the differences between MC/CC (magistrates court/crown court) hearings and court martial hearings. 

Speaker: Julian Young, solicitor advocate, Tuckers Solicitors
Julian has extensive experience in criminal cases at all levels in private practice and as a full-time prosecutor for the Post Office (1981-87). In addition to this, he was also a part-time lecturer to Metropolitan Police at Hendon and he organises and participates in mock trials in central London. 
Julian currently specialises in preparing, advising on, and appearing as an advocate in court martial cases involving personnel of all three armed services and in complex criminal cases. He also works as an advocate in connection with appeals against both conviction and sentence. 

This webinar took place on 18 March 2016, but you can listen to a recording via the link below.

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