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Welcome to the Advocacy Section - the community for solicitor advocates

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Ian Kelcey

Why the vulnerable witness training matters

2 February 2017By

Ian Kelcey explains why all criminal solicitor advocates should undertake the Bar Council / Law Society’s vulnerable witness training for their own personal development, and to keep pace with their counterparts at the bar.

jld people

Advanced criminal advocacy

15 December 2016

This one-day course is primarily aimed at senior practitioners with higher rights of audience who would like to develop their advocacy skills outside of the court setting.  


Essential criminal advocacy

15 December 2016

The Law Society has partnered with the highly-regarded City Law School, to deliver interactive advocacy training to our members. 

Image of training contract

Youth Justice Advocacy Training - November 2017 and April 2018

15 December 2016

The Law Society has partnered with highly respected youth justice charity, Just for Kids Law to offer members specialist training in youth justice advocacy.  

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Quality scheme for criminal advocates finally abandoned

29 November 2017

The bar has finally abandoned attempts to introduce QASA, the accreditation scheme for criminal advocates wishing to exercise rights of audience in the higher courts.

Joy Merriam

Excellence Awards: nominee Joy Merriam on the challenges facing solicitor advocates.

9 October 2017By

Joy Merriam shares her views on the challenges facing solicitor advocates in crime and child care.

raj chada

Excellence Awards: Q&A with nominee Raj Chada

6 October 2017By

Raj Chada talks about the challenges faced by solicitor advocates, his professional highlights of the year so far, and what he’ll be working on in the months ahead.

vicky preece

Excellence Awards: nominee Vicky Preece discusses the collaborative approach

6 October 2017By

Vicky Preece discusses the collaborative approach and provides some insight into working with child clients and being instructed by them. 

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andrew morris 2153

Webinar: Case stated appeals: practice and procedure (8 August 2017)

Andrew Morris outlines the case stated appeals procedure from the magistrates and Crown court. This webinar is inclusive to Section members.  

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webinar book description 140x96

Webinar: New SRA regime, CPD and continuing competence - what do you need to know? (24 June 2016)

22 September 2016

The new SRA regulations on continuing professional development for solicitors have changed, and you will have to complete an annual declaration that you have undertaken enough learning and development to remain competent. This webinar, offered at a 20 per cent discount to Advocacy Section members, will give you an in-depth understanding of how to start planning now for continuing competence. 


Webinar: Advanced guide to unbundling legal services - implementation and delivery toolkit

22 September 2016

View this webinar and discover how to build a successful strategy to implement unbundled legal services, including assessing the benefits of unbundling, developing a marketing strategy to promote the advantages to clients and internally, and learn risk management techniques. 

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  • Beauty contest cancelled

    Bar regulator has handed over a welcome Christmas present.

  • Quality scheme for criminal advocates finally abandoned

    Regulator announces demise of QASA after four years of controversy - but SRA chief suggests idea could be revived. 

  • Supreme Court ruling on litigants in person could redraw CPR

    The Supreme Court has been asked to decide whether litigants in person should be granted special dispensation in a case that could have far-reaching consequences.

    Former LiP Mark Barton took his appeal to the court last week, arguing he was ill-equipped to understand the Civil Procedure Rules. A successful appeal could mean the rules are refreshed to adapt to the growing number of individuals litigating without legal representation. 

    This is believed to be the first time the Supreme Court has been asked to consider the unrepresented status of a non-compliant litigant.

    Barton brought professional negligence proceedings against Midlands law firm Wright Hassall after it came off the record in 2007 in relation to a negligence claim against his former solicitors. Subsequently unrepresented, Barton emailed his claim form to Wright Hassall’s lawyers without confirmation that it would be accepted this way. The claim was subsequently ruled invalid.

    A district judge ruled that Barton was not entitled to ‘special rules or indulgences’ and in March 2016 the Court of Appeal backed that decision.

    In a one-day hearing at the Supreme Court last week, the appellant, now represented by barristers at Parklane Plowden Chambers on a direct access basis, argued that the rules are simply too complex for LiPs to navigate. Litigants attempting to access information are lost in a myriad of online options and jargon, the court heard. 

    With no appropriate guidance available, compliance with the rules was impossible and the law should make allowances, Barton argued. His lawyers told the court: ‘Judges at all levels appear to have substantially underestimated the difficulty that a LiP would have in relation to the commencement and service of a claim.’

    Wright Hassall denies negligence and insists Barton has not been able to show any good reason why he could not have served his claim form properly.

  • Lies and statistics: advocates get help with statistical evidence

    Guide produced by Inns of Court College of Advocacy and Royal Statistical Society aims to help avoid miscarriages of justice.