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  • Merger

    Joining forces

    12 November 2014 By Mark Jones

    Mark Jones provides his 10 top tips for successful mergers, from planning through to integration, to ensure your mergers go smoothly so you can reap the benefits

  • Limited edition image

    Limited edition

    12 August 2014 Updated: 15 October 2014 By Jon Cartwright

    The changes which came into force on 6 April 2014 represented a fundamental change to LLP taxation, for both individual partners and firms. Jon Cartwright looks back at how we got here, and what law firms need to do now

  • Innovation

    In with the new

    7 May 2014 Updated: 15 October 2014 By Ava Madon

    Innovation in law firms may seem like a fad, but in a fast-moving and increasingly challenging market, it is an essential tool for survival. Ava Madon explains why, and how to make it a reality in your firm

  • Patricia Wheatley Burt

    Back to Basics: Exit strategies 

    12 February 2014 Updated: 15 October 2014 By Howard Hackney, Steve Ray, Patricia Wheatley Burt

    Mergers, acquisitions and law firm closures are at unprecedented levels, given the strategic changes that have taken and continue to take place in the legal industry. So, what steps should you take if you’re considering winding up your law firm?

  • Richard Lane

    Under the microscope

    12 November 2013 Updated: 18 October 2014 By Richard Lane

    For the busy manager of a law firm, few things cause more upset than the unwelcome news that the Forensic Investigation Unit is planning to visit. So what should you expect if it happens to you? Richard Lane explains

  • Diversity

    Front and centre

    13 August 2013 Updated: 18 October 2014 By Dr Gillian Shapiro

    With the demographics of the UK changing rapidly, diversity is essential for law firms wanting to attract the best people and meet clients’ needs. And strong leadership is key to achieving this goal. Dr Gillian Shapiro explains

  • Nick of time

    In the nick of time

    14 May 2013 Updated: 18 October 2014 By Nick Jarrett-Kerr

    The news is full of horror stories about law firms going under, but if firms act as soon as they find themselves in trouble – and even before – they could avoid becoming just another statistic. Nick Jarrett-Kerr gives his 12 top tips for financial recovery

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